Amendment on in NC passed.

May 11, 2012 § 14 Comments

Gotta say I was completely shocked.  I mean you hear the shit going on in the states but you do not really believe most people buy into it.  For those of you unfamiliar with the amendment one  Constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State.”

I know, I am not in North Carolina, Not in America. But this amendment really captured my attention because basically, it was not about legalization of gay marriage (regardless of whether this amendment passed or not, same sex marrage will still be illegal), what this amendment did was take away the legal right to challenge the state about gay marriage.  It wrote bigotry into the constitution.  

Less than eight hours later this email was fired off: Since Amendment One has passed when will we get a memo or something that outlines what changes we need to make to our health plan to be in compliance? I recall when the Democrats on the Commission forced the issue and added these benefits for homosexuals that a number of legal experts said it was illegal then – including the City attorney. Now that Amendment one has passed it obviously is illegal to offer this benefit as there is now only one ‘domestic legal union’ recognized in the state.

Prior to the vote most scholars (left and right) said that Amendment One would eliminate local faux ‘marriage’ benefits for homosexual employees. I would cite them but you know them all too well.

Still, I would like to know when the Board can expect information on the changes Amendment One wrought (or are we going to break the law and spend scarce resources on litigation we will likely loose)? 

Yep, the end of benefits for same sex partners, and the next step, any common law partners too?  I am currently insured through my dad.  But with me being the child of a woman he never technically married, I guess in North Carolina I would be next on the chopping block.  But wait…. I could be considered on my partners insurance….. nope.  This does not just hurt gay people, but it was obviously the focus and intended target.

Obama…. you wily politician you.  I do think his coming out in support of gay rights was well timed.  And I am not complaining.  After all, he has a career to think about.  He “came out” on a day where anyone with the slightest bit of caring about equality would be pissed.  Well done sir.  Your timing was impeccable.
   Picture stolen from A of

going in a coffee shop, as a door was closing I ran up and grabbed it, the woman in front of me was embarrassed she had not held the door.  “Sorry, I didn’t realize you were coming so quick.”
Me: “sorry, I’ll try harder next time”
She did not get it for a couple of minutes, right around the time she took her first mouthful of coffee.


I know stupid people #3

May 8, 2012 § 15 Comments

and I am not just bragging.  Ironically, a friend of Samantha of this post.  

So this guy dropped out of school after first year.  He is now working in a meat packing plant.  He’s talking to me and Sam about how hard life is now that he is in the “real world”, yeah because my world is just so Fluffy.  
Obviously this guy has never learned the meaning of the word “literally”, but he thinks it is a great word to stress his point.
“I fractured my knee cap three weeks ago.  I still have not had a day off to get x-rays.”  Okay, I’m smelling bullshit, because there is no way you can work a very physical job with a fractured fucking knee.  But anyway…. “No literally I could not walk.”  Yet he worked…. hmmm.
“Literally I was dying.”  No, because you lived.
“It’s so cold I literally got carpal tunnel syndrome like the week I started.”  Yeah, dude, if you got carpal tunnel syndrome I would not blame a few days of working in the cold, but maybe time to lay off the porn.
So after (yeah, I’m mean), I said to Sam if the guy said literally again I was going to deafen myself with a pencil.  
“I didn’t see what being able to read had to do with it either.”
“No, Sam that is LITERACY.  He said literally.”
“I don’t know what that word means.”

Another stop Discrimination post

May 2, 2012 § 16 Comments

This post may seem a little anti-religion.  I realize I offended some followers who left after my last “anti-religious” post.  Oh fucking well.
This audio is extremely disturbing, but keep this in mind the next time you hear about the side for equality is intolerant of people stating their opinions.

Yes, this gentleman leads a flock.  Quite the embodiment of Christ.  God is fucking love.

Stop discrimination

April 28, 2012 § 13 Comments

I was sent this from DCG (much thanks) and it really pissed me off.  More than that I got pissed off at myself, because when reading the story said “Well DUH Catholic School”.  Then I realized how brainwashed we are getting with the media portraying those fighting for discrimination to be the ones who are the victims to those mean nasty people seeking tolerance. *Stamp foot* “Stop being intolerant of my intolerance!”  When did I join them?  When did I excuse intolerance because of religion?  As a Catholic School, yes, it is perfectly legitimate to not have someone talking about non-Catholic values.  But his speech was not about or even alluding to the fact that he is a homosexual.  He was discriminated against because he had the nerve to be proud of his loving and committed relationship, and excited on making a permanent commitment to his  partner.  He was told it was because he is openly gay.  If he had hidden the fact he is homosexual it would be okay.

Now I can hear some of you asking, but isn’t it okay, after all, it is a catholic school?  But ask yourself, if a woman was teaching in a Catholic school, should it be okay if she gets fired for using birth control?  I dare say most of us would say no.  Hells, the Catholic Church has swept years of child sexual abuse under the rug while the priests, or as I like to call them, perps were still not only conduction mass but lining up alter boys for their new positions wherever they were sent to do God’s work.  Yet a man who is is a committed and loving relationship with another man is going to taint the young minds of the graduates?

One of the thing that continually amazes me is that judgement is so much an issue in Christianity.  I know I am no bible guru but isn’t judging supposed to be left up to God if you are a Christian, or Muslim, or fuck, any religion really.  Isn’t it terribly arrogant to think you know what is in another’s heart?  Let alone some supreme being that we are continuously told his goodness is such you cannot fathom it?

So I guess one big question is, how do you know when you are being intolerant of religion or too sensitive?  I guess I personally want to pick another piece out of Leviticus and see if it would be reasonable to say… “Hey on Facebook he said he ate at Red Lobster last night.  That abomination cannot talk to our children.”  The funny thing is he could have written on Facebook about him hitting it with a different woman every night and not one word would have been said about it.
So a school chooses this moment to show it’s students what they think being Catholic is really about… Hate.

So there is a petition:

Because no school should be telling their students that hate in the name of religion is okay.  JMHO.  I hope you all sign if you agree.

And A big Thank You to DCG.  I would have missed this if you had not brought it to my attention.

And I know I did not make this to a U, fuck it, this was way more important.

T is for

April 24, 2012 § 33 Comments

Too much information.
Now I know not everything that seems a big deal to some people is a big deal to anyone else…. but some things cannot just be shrugged away.

Today my boss was interviewing for a grunt.  You know someone who does all the grunt work (like me), but content to be just that.  Anyway, this guy goes into his interview and starts to leave.  “How did it go?” I asked.
“They asked me for a police check”, he seemed a little upset.
“They do that with everyone,” my co-worker assured him.
“Are they just checking for warrants, or like a full record?”
   Most people I know have some record or another.  Nothing to get put away for, usually a public drunkenness or possession charge.  “So long as it’s not too bad you’ll be okay.”
   “Oh, good,” he says.  “Nothing really, just a few domestic violence charges.”  He shrugs like it is nothing.

Really dude?  THAT is no big deal to you?  I’m thinking the main reason they do a police check is to weed out those who either are drug dealers or those with violence issues, especially among those with no voice to speak out.  Oh, creepy, creepy, creepy.  I think on to the next interview.

S is for

April 23, 2012 § 4 Comments

Fucking SNOW, are you kidding me? Inn April? The END of April! What ever happened to that global warming I’ve been hearing so many good things about?

R is for

April 22, 2012 § 6 Comments

Real Estate.  Looking for a place to rent in Guelph.  Two observations: fucking expensive and fucking horrible.  For reals.  BORING!  It seems all apartments are in apartment buildings with non-existant kitchens, bathrooms from the 70s and they want more for a bachelor than we pay here for a two bedroom.  Fuck we could fit two of their apartments in ours.
I hate moving.  I love this place.
*Le sigh*

First day at the new Job yesterday.  I’m going to pick up about 3 shifts a week.  And I’m going to hate it. Don’t laugh, don’t you dare fucking laugh, but I have joined the “would you like fries with that” guild.  Fuck, I hate it already.  Boss is a cunt.  Co-workers are actually okay for the most part, but revisit the boss being a cunt, which kind of makes it impossible to enjoy a moment of work.  Oh, and customers are dicks.

Have a great fucking day.