Wow, what a horrifying sight

August 6, 2011 § 24 Comments

So around 4 AM a woman brings in my pal, the snake I helped force feed.  Well, he is still not eating.  So she asked to local experts what to do.  They suggested switching him to live prey, and leaving him in a dark container, covering it up.  The fucking mouse ATE the snake.  Huge chunks of his skin was missing.  There was no way on earth it was going to live.  But she wanted the attempt made.  So basically snakes are pretty good healers.  You just clean it, use antibiotic cream.  But the poor thing was in utter agony.  He died while we were cleaning him.  I don’t think his heart could take the pain.  Now I know there is always a risk of injuries to snakes with live prey, but I have never heard of one eating the snake.  Such an awful sight, there were huge patches of skin missing.  The poor lady who brought him in was utterly shattered by what happened, in trying to help him she ended up buying its killer.  Funny thing is though, she was so pissed off at this baby mouse.  I get that the snake is the pet, but you are turning to mother nature to help the snake realize it’s instincts.  And….well… mother nature can be a bitch, and things don’t always go to plan.  The mouse decided “It’s him or me, and it ain’t gonna be me”.

   Anyway, it made for a pretty shitty night at work.

I am going to try to wind down then off to bed for this boy.


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