I’m sure he’s harmless…. no really.

November 21, 2011 § 10 Comments

BBGs mentioning her having latex gloves brought this to mind.

Cleaning out C’s car.  Pull everything from the trunk to vacuum it out.  I pull out:
A chainsaw, two baseball bats (no balls or gloves), duct tape, several pairs of latex gloves, extra large garbage bags and a trench shovel.  I told C if the cops ever pull him over they won’t even need a body.  Now he has a feasible explanation for each of these strange items to find in a trunk.  And one or two… okay.  But all those combined….
The chainsaw: he maintains the property for his landlords, and the first chainsaw from the garage and it pissed C off he had to buy another.  So he figures his trunk is safer.  The big, and I mean huge, garbage bags. because the tenants are filthy dirty ass holes who leave their shit outside of the garbage bins and on a regular basis the cats in the neighbourhood rip open the garbage bags.  Guess that explains the gloves, although his excuse was in case his car breaks down and he need to fix it, he doesn’t want to get grease on his hands.  Duct tape… well that is just good Canadian sense at work.  And a shovel, well Canadian winters, a trench shovel folds down  to trunk size.  The baseball bats?  Even C was stumped to come up with an explanation.

I just may have to sleep with one eye open.


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