Love at first sight

March 6, 2012 § 31 Comments

Do you believe in it.  I don’t.  Because it only applies if the couple stay together.  But at first sight you can feel attraction, lust, a pull (which comes from below the waist).  Sure you can try to say it is something more romantic.  But in the end how can you love somebody without knowing anything beyond how they look?
My grandma claims the moment she laid eyes on my grandpa it was love at first sight.  in her mind she said she told herself :  “That is the man I am going to marry.”  That is her story.  Then I found out something new.  My grandparents were married three months after they met.  3 fucking months!  Wow.  And they’ve been together almost 45 years.  Maybe there is something to the whole love at first sight.

Wait….. You were married in November and had my Aunt in May…..Six months later.  I’m no math genius but….

Okay Grandma…. We’ll call it love at first sight if it makes you feel better.


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