HIV conspiracy theories that make you feel safe

August 17, 2011 § 14 Comments

   Recently one of my city’s baddies Aziga was taken off the streets for good.  He was ruled a dangerous offender, he was the first person convicted of first degree murder for willfully spreading AIDS.  He knew in 1996 he had HIV, had sex with 11 women since then, 7 of who become HIV positive, two of whom have died since then.

   What shocked me was not that he was given dangerous offender status, but on reading the comments to this news.  People have such wild conspiracy theories all revolving around HIV and AIDS not existing at all, or about it being a gay disease that these women could not have caught through heterosexual sex.  The theories are beyond bizarre, and I think, unlike most conspiracy theories with accuse the government of giving a false sense of security, these accuse various groups of trying to cause panic where no danger exists.
In no particular order:
Theory 1:  Heterosexuals are being injected with HIV when being tested.  That is why perfectly healthy people end up with HIV after testing… Seriously?  Discouraging people from testing is fucking dangerous.  Oh, but why are they being injected with HIV?  Well obviously if everyone knew it was just the gays and druggies contracting HIV society would just let them all die.  They only get money for research because of the “supposed” danger to the Het community.  
Theory 2:  Africa was sent HIV through the charity organizations supposed to help.  Why?  Well ofcourse to wipe black people off the face of the planet…. Now this theory is believed by some, but others… since some people believe this, it is dangerous to continue to try to prevent HIV spread in Africa in case North America gets blamed for AIDS progressing.  WTF…. I can’t even wrap my head around that one.
Theory 3:  80% of HIV immigration applicants are admitted to Canada.  Not sure where they get there numbers, but about 2 seconds of research will tell them is simply not true.
Theory 4: HIV does not exist period.  AIDS does not exist.  It is a trick to get people to think that Cancer is not as pravalent in society Blah,blah,blah….
Now I am sure there are loads more conspiracies out there.  I guess I just wonder how widespread these beliefs are.  Because it seems to me the biggest battle in N.A. to fight HIV may not be the disease itself, but ignorance.  Are we going to turn into another Africa, with ignorance fertilizing AIDS until it thrives?

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