drunken night

May 12, 2012 § 20 Comments

I got silly, stupid, ridiculously drunk last night.  Went out with a couple of friends and the reverse happened of what usually happens.  Usually you plan for about a party of six to eight, and you are lucky if four show.  This time everyone seemed to bring one or two, so there we close to two dozen in our group.    I can’t remember when I’ve had so much fun.
I woke up feeling watched.  You know that super paranoid feeling you get.  I woke with a start, Nelson staring at me from the foot of the bed.  Usually he is not allowed in our room when we sleep, but occasionally he manages to sneak in.  Not pointing any fingers here, or assigning blame, but for some reason when I drink C forgets to make sure he is out of the room.  I would have ignored him, but the moment I rolled over he attacked my foot with claws and teeth.  He is still very much a kitten with a few things.  Though he no longer goes foolish with tinfoil balls (unless you put catnip in it), two things turn him into that kitten he was a year ago.  1.  Laser pointer, better yet, two laser pointers.  2. any movement under a blanket or sheet.
advice animals memes  - Animal Memes: The Most Interesting Cat in the World: And You're Wearing Sweat Pants“Get out, Nelson,” moving my foot away from him, which only caused another pounce.  Now C is not a cat person.  He is very much a dog person, and is used to dogs.  In a very strong commanding voice he says : Nelson out.  And of course the animal reacted like any cat in the world would.  He gave me a look of “is he fucking kidding me”, and deliberately sprawled out on his back, stretching, taking up as much of the bed as he possibly could.
C complains the cat does not listen.  Really?

A day full of fail

March 8, 2012 § 27 Comments

Last night I drank way too much.  I don’t mean “I drank a little too much”, I mean I drank like a fucking idiot.  Feeling like shit today, not because of hangover, pretty sure I fall under the category of still drunk.  I took a bus in to school today for that reason.  I felt like shit because I have no idea what I did.  C was at work.  I never drink alone.  Somehow being reassured of what an asshole you were last night by eye witnesses at hand is a lot easier than not knowing at all.  I woke in bed.  I was passed out, er, I mean sleeping by the time C got home.  My morning was spent honing my investigative skills.  No phone calls on my iPhone, this is good.  No posts (that I can find) on social sites.  I check my ereader.   Duhn, duhn, duhn… three chapters ahead of where I remember leading off.  I appears I spent my drunken hours reading….

Oh the humiliation.

Then yesterday….Oh, the shame. I went by my old work to pick up my T4 tax form. As I stand there I’m chatting to one of my old bosses a client walks in. Being in the familiar atmosphere of my old job I just click “ON” to work mode. “Hi, how are we doing today?” with a great big friendly ass smile on my face. Of course to this guy I was a total stranger, unconnected with the clinic. I turned around quickly. “Stop hitting on our clients,” my ex- boss says. “I can’t believe I did that,” face palm. I usually answer that straight guy bullshit “I’m okay with gay guys so long as they don’t hit on me” by saying “Why would we?”  No doubt this guy thinks I was doing exactly that.  No dude, I’m just a loser who forgot he doesn’t work here anymore.

Last, wow, yesterday was a harsh day,

My friend broke up with his boyfriend of about a month, then got mad a day later seeing him in “MY club”.  How dare he?  And with his new fuck buddy.  *Sigh*  It is hard to be supportive when your friend is being an idiot.  You broke up, get over it.  Gay bars are vile places for the newly broken heart. There is something about a room full of all your past mistakes that make you feel more lonely.  Oh, wait…. is that guy new?  

I had a very good birthday I’m told

January 10, 2012 § 14 Comments

   And my memories are foggy, but good.  Vodka was the drink of choice.  I have no idea how many I drank.  It was actually the day before my birthday.  It was the first time we had a bunch of people at our place.  It was awesome fun.  Jello shots (Ali brought), lots of booze, from everyone.  The down side was Jake was not able to make it, but that was not a surprise.  The bitch of having your birthday so close to the holidays.  Only Ali drove, everyone else either walked, took the bus to cab it home, or got lifts and cabbed it home.  Ali crashed in the spare room on the floor with a sleeping bag.
   I got completely drunk.  But it was more in an awesome drunk than apologize later drunk, or so I am told.  Never made too big of an ass of myself.  Of course this is by the judgement of a bunch of other drunks.  Well and C.  But C never really says anything about other’s drunken behavior.  For some reason I was up at the crack of dawn the next day too.  I did not have a real hangover, but then I think I may still have been slightly drunk.  I certainly was not going to drive anywhere the next day.  I dozed off and on all my actual birthday.  Went to my Nonna’s for dinner.  All in all a good start to 21:D

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