Oh What is that God-awful smell

May 29, 2012 § 13 Comments

*Warning, really gross post*

It’s in the fridge. And the freezer. It’s fucking vile stench would gag a maggot. I literally threw out everything, it still smells. I washed it down with bleach. It still smells, though not as bad. Now I put that baking powder filter things in. I hope that ends the stench. I have not found the source. C is slightly pissed at the fridge purge, but there is no way I am eating anything that marinaded in the odor. I’d gag thinking about it. But then he doesn’t know. He was not there at the height of disgusting late yesterday afternoon, coming home from shift and nearly threw up walking by the unopened fridge. I mean WTF?

So it still smells.  Reeks.  In fact even C was admitting he smelt it too, and his sense of smell is not as sensitive as mine.  So we spray the furniture.  The carpet.  We put CLR drain cleaner down the drain.  It’s the fridge.  We pull it out.  Oh. MY. Fucking. God.  There, trapped in a downward spiral a squirrel…. a fucking squirrel, had snapped it’s neck on the rungs of the fridge and it rotting corpse was cooking there in the heat and the mechanical parts.  Brown decomposition running down the fridge, or a C put it “squirrel juice”.  Mmmmm,, yummy:P

   Apartment still smelling a bit, though C says it is just me.  Dude, you did not even smell it to start with.


drunken night

May 12, 2012 § 20 Comments

I got silly, stupid, ridiculously drunk last night.  Went out with a couple of friends and the reverse happened of what usually happens.  Usually you plan for about a party of six to eight, and you are lucky if four show.  This time everyone seemed to bring one or two, so there we close to two dozen in our group.    I can’t remember when I’ve had so much fun.
I woke up feeling watched.  You know that super paranoid feeling you get.  I woke with a start, Nelson staring at me from the foot of the bed.  Usually he is not allowed in our room when we sleep, but occasionally he manages to sneak in.  Not pointing any fingers here, or assigning blame, but for some reason when I drink C forgets to make sure he is out of the room.  I would have ignored him, but the moment I rolled over he attacked my foot with claws and teeth.  He is still very much a kitten with a few things.  Though he no longer goes foolish with tinfoil balls (unless you put catnip in it), two things turn him into that kitten he was a year ago.  1.  Laser pointer, better yet, two laser pointers.  2. any movement under a blanket or sheet.
advice animals memes  - Animal Memes: The Most Interesting Cat in the World: And You're Wearing Sweat Pants“Get out, Nelson,” moving my foot away from him, which only caused another pounce.  Now C is not a cat person.  He is very much a dog person, and is used to dogs.  In a very strong commanding voice he says : Nelson out.  And of course the animal reacted like any cat in the world would.  He gave me a look of “is he fucking kidding me”, and deliberately sprawled out on his back, stretching, taking up as much of the bed as he possibly could.
C complains the cat does not listen.  Really?

L is for

April 15, 2012 § 7 Comments

Living with C

It’s been an adjustment, and there are things we are still working on.
I know I’ve mentioned before, C is a worker.  He is not one to laze about on weekends.  After getting tattooed yesterday you would think he would want to relax, rest….. nope.  Back out in the yard toiling away this morning.  He gets so caught up in doing it, he barely registers others.  He has this shovel that folds, so I went to help him yesterday, and after puzzling for like 5 minutes I said “Hey C, do you know how this shovel folds out.  He looks up for a second .  “Yes”, then went right back to raking.  Are you fucking kidding me?  No, he wasn’t.  He actually made me ask “You want to show me how?”
He has literally once started making the bed while I was still in it.  On a fucking Saturday.  At 8 A.M.  Why?  because he was up he thought he would just make his side.  Yeah, riiight.
He sorts laundry into six separate loads.
He can’t read a paper after someone else (meaning me).  He will actually go buy another one rather than read a “recycled” paper.  OCD much?  The answer is yes.  

J is for

April 14, 2012 § 6 Comments

C just started a new job on Monday.  He loves it.
Me, I am getting full time over the summer until September.

Cleaning up this property is  horrible.  We spent four hours this morning cleaning up after the upstairs neighbour from hell who just throws her garbage bags from her deck, half the time they splatter open.  She says it is her daughter, who does this when she is not home.  She is also a lying bitch, because I’ve seen her do it.  Fucking cow.

Jam session:
C has one tonight, and getting some ink.  I’m bored and all alone:(

A is for

April 3, 2012 § 6 Comments

Okay, so this April challenge thing.  Yeah I missed the first couple days; but I have always been about more the spirit of the rules than the letter of the law man.  So I will either catch up, not take the days off, or just stop:P  Who knows.

But for now:
A is for Amazing, awesome, absolutely fabulous weekend.  The kind that make you dread Monday and wish that you had chosen a long weekend.  Last weekend we unplugged, unplanned and basically made it a whole weekend of just us.  Luckily the weather cooperated, I was the only one in my part of the country who was probably thrilled at the cold, wet, weekend that made it a very unwelcoming thought to do anything outside of the house.  We even ordered Chinese and Pizza.
   So yesterday was back to work/school.  But there is something I discovered.  When you take a weekend to reconnect, make each other a priority it does not just go away.  Because somehow on Tuesday morning when the alarm goes off getting an extra half hour sleep or having a few coffees gets beat out by, well, spending time together;)

Fave A Show: Absolutely Fabulous


Special is as special does

March 19, 2012 § 28 Comments

Helping my parents on Sunday. They are in the process of the big move. Out to the country. So I enlisted C’s help, and he’s okay with it because it’s work, not a social thing. C’s a worker bee. So long as he is busy he’s quite content. Anyway, so the family is in and out of the house, they are fully downsizing so family is picking up tables and desks and beds,etc. that my parents aren’t taking with them.
 I love my Nonna. She’s just wonderful… As a grandmother. Mother-in-law…. Yeah, not so much. Her and my mother have a somewhat strained relationship. See, if my dad makes decisions she would not make for him, it’s my mother’s influence. Like them not getting married, having children so late in life. Blah blah, blah. Over the years the have learned to peacefully co-exist. The key is to understand first and foremost, she is my dad’s mother. What that means is that no one will ever be good enough for him. And that while her Catholicism may be skewed to her advantage, she is still catholic, or as C.J. calls it “the C word”.

 So she came and made a comment about how it was nice that my “special friend” would help them. That is instead of boyfriend he is my “special friend”. I am fairly certain she knows that this idea she has that I will find some nice Italian girl is never going to happen, but she still likes to pretend that C is just a friend, a roommate. So the CJ says that he doesn’t like Nonna calling him that. I told him. Or to worry. She’s just Nonna, stuck in her ways. “I still don’t think it’s nice calling him retarded.”. Not that kind of special CJ.

C’s sense of humor

March 9, 2012 § 17 Comments

C has a very different sense of humor.  He is funny.  But his humor is more private, quieter.  It took me a while to realize when he actually was telling a joke.  Well, I hope you all get why this was funny, at least to me.  My fave thing on TV is actually a production company’s stamp.

It just cracks me up.  Anyway, this guy stops to ask directions in the mall.  This guy was wearing a REALLY bad rug.  For starters what was left of his hair was white, and perched atop his head was a black toupee.  As he walked off C says “That’s one bad hat Harry.”  It did me in, I could not stop laughing like a lunatic.
Okay maybe it was not kind…. but fuck it was funny.

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