Good weekend

February 7, 2012 § 6 Comments

So Friday C gets ready to go jam with a friend of his.  Now he has not been playing at all lately.  So the prep to this took changing strings, not just on one guitar, like the one he was going to use on Saturday.  No, that would just make fucking sense.  Instead he changes strings on all four of them.  Yeah, four fucking guitars.  Do you know what it is like to hear someone tuning four guitars (including a 12 string)?  It is like being locked in a discordant version of auditory hell.  Then it gets to start all over again once the strings have stretched.  Then one last time before putting each of them away.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I love music.  But by the time C actually played his lucky date for Saturday, I was so thoroughly through with the sound of guitar.  Why would one need four guitars you might ask, or maybe it is just me.  I really don’t get it.  Nor do I get why the name of a guitar manufacturer makes a difference, or where it is made.  It’s wood and strings, right?  No, no it’s not.  It is apparently like a dick war.  Guitarists all whipping them out and bragging goes to who has the best.
   Anyway, yeah, I don’t get it, but Chris was in an amazing mood, so who am I to shit on it?  He was going to spend a Saturday tattooing and playing guitar, which is pretty much like his perfect day.  And he has not done it for months, so I sure as hell don’t begrudge him time with his friend.  And he drew out this amazing tattoo his friend asked him for.  it’s like this huge dragon that is going to start on his chest, down his back and side and  ass.  Going to take C months to do it.
   As for me…. one of my friend’s husband turned forty, Jake’s sister, and Jake was down for the party from school, so I went there.  Amazing weather for February it actually ended up as a barbeque.  Coolers full of beer, hot tub.  It was pretty fun.  I know it seems weird that we would have this great time at someone’s 40th Birthday.  But Steve is about the coolest forty year old on the planet.  He married Kay five years ago, when she was 18.  I know, you think….little creepy.  I think most people did given that Steve is older than her mother.  But she met him through… well really complicated back story, but her daughter’s grandfather is in the same band with Steve.  Whenever anyone says anything about their age gap Kay’s standard reply is “Yeah, but it’s okay because he is really immature.”  Which is actually bang spot on.  I don’t mean immature as in childish, but he is very young in how he thinks, how he acts, his humor.  Within 15 minutes of talking to this guy you do not think “shit, he is my parent’s age”.
   Seeing Jake was cool too.  It’s weird not to have him around whenever we want to hang out, or whenever I get bored.  Have you ever said something and forgotten all about it?  So Jake says :”You owe me fifty bucks.”
   “Do you remember when Tony moved in with Dennis you said and I quote:  “I’d never move in with somebody I knew for less than a year.”  And I bet you fifty bucks that you would be playing house with someone long before that.”  It’s hardly long before a year.  So I am not paying him shit.
   All in all a pretty awesome Saturday.  Sunday C and I biked on the Bruce Trail.  I forget how much I like biking until I’m actually doing it.  Yesterday my legs were fucking KILLING me.  Yeah, I think I need to bike more often.

I had a very good birthday I’m told

January 10, 2012 § 14 Comments

   And my memories are foggy, but good.  Vodka was the drink of choice.  I have no idea how many I drank.  It was actually the day before my birthday.  It was the first time we had a bunch of people at our place.  It was awesome fun.  Jello shots (Ali brought), lots of booze, from everyone.  The down side was Jake was not able to make it, but that was not a surprise.  The bitch of having your birthday so close to the holidays.  Only Ali drove, everyone else either walked, took the bus to cab it home, or got lifts and cabbed it home.  Ali crashed in the spare room on the floor with a sleeping bag.
   I got completely drunk.  But it was more in an awesome drunk than apologize later drunk, or so I am told.  Never made too big of an ass of myself.  Of course this is by the judgement of a bunch of other drunks.  Well and C.  But C never really says anything about other’s drunken behavior.  For some reason I was up at the crack of dawn the next day too.  I did not have a real hangover, but then I think I may still have been slightly drunk.  I certainly was not going to drive anywhere the next day.  I dozed off and on all my actual birthday.  Went to my Nonna’s for dinner.  All in all a good start to 21:D

Niagara Falls

October 27, 2011 § 9 Comments

   And party it was.  A shit load of money was lost, not from this boy.  I had money aside for losing and that was it.  C actually came up about 80 ahead of the game.  Well not huge, but better than losing.  I lost 100, but went in with that intention, and over all not bad for a weekends entertainment.  Oh, not counting another 40 at the arcade.  The weekend went by without anything bad happening… If you don’t count someone puking in the hot tub, and that I got slightly lost in the hotel, but eventually found my way back to our room.
   Started at the arcade, moved onto the ripper bar.  Fuck 8 bucks a beer to watch some stripper I have no interest in watching:P  Anyway, then onto the Casino.  It was a blast.  The only kinda down side was there was a soccer tournament in town.  KIDS soccer.  We were getting many a disapproving look from parents who apparently thought that we were … well acting like the drunken fools we no doubt were.  But it was not in their house.  We paid just as much to be at the hotel as they did.
   C actually made a great effort to be nice, and a fun time was had by all…. well except maybe one of Jake’s Uni buddies who looked a bit worse the wear even when we left late Sunday afternoon.  (I’m guessing he was the puker, thankfully I was long gone by that time)

Jake’s birthday

October 22, 2011 § 8 Comments

Fallsview Casino.  Let the bad choices and regrets begin 😀  This should be interesting.  Take 7 guys, add alcohol and gambling…. what can possibly go wrong?  Thankfully I got an anchor in C.  The rest of the guys are all single.  Folks in Niagara Falls lock up your sons and daughters… or at least don’t expect them back until late Sunday.

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