Friendship Award

September 10, 2011 § 10 Comments

I received this lovely award from the awesome Andrea

I know you probably are already familiar with her blog, but if not, you should be.

It is so hard not to turn this into a love fest, because I have so many of you I count as true friends.

Okay, Now I know, I know,

Spread awards around, and I will, but the first one…. I simply cannot have a friendship award without her:

Insignificant, who is anything but

Mind Twister: who I hope dearly will come back to us.

Logan, because I love to read how hard you are reaching to get there:

And I am going to stop there, because the last thing we need is me going all “I love you man” on you all:P


Inspirational Blog Award

September 7, 2011 § 8 Comments

Given to me by Psycho Babbling Basher (P.B.), and one of my favourite people in the world.  Her blog certainly deserved this award.  I am sure you are all familiar with her blog.  If not, you are missing something truly inspirational.

The Award is aptly designed as a butterfly; symbolizing change, transformation, metamorphosis. When given to you, you must NOT return it to me, it is intended to fly away and touch another Blogger.
I will be listing my own selection of BUTTERFLY Inspirational Blog Awards.
There are a couple of TAG questions that you may or may not decide to use, but it would totally delightful if you will.


What makes you laugh, smile or giggle? I am a child, really. Things that would make a 12 year old laugh make me laugh. I can not be serious for too long.
What are your dreams for your future? Finish my degree, eventually open my own clinic. And to love.
If you are to go to a cruise, where would it be and why? I would actually love Alaska of all places. But I think the majestic beauty would interest me far more than party cruise location.
How would you spend your vacation time and with whom? I would love to travel anywhere. And it would be awesome to make it a romantic vacation.
If given a chance, what life would you choose? Your life now or your past? Present. I don’t feel the past will ever grip us the way it did the first time, knowing what was coming. I choose the adventure of now and what is to come.
Is there something that you wished before when you were young but you didn’t get it? Glasses. I loved glasses when Harry Potter was the shit. I had like a third of my class in glasses. Yeah…. like that was holding me back from looking like Harry:P
Have you been in a situation where you might have given up but still you chose to move on? Yeah, I think I pretty much hated the fact that I had to go to high school an extra year to qualify for University. I kinda went “fuck that, obviously not meant to be”, then I kinda owned up that it was down to my poor and lazy choices, bit the bullet and stopped being a whiny assed bitch about it
Is their someone in your life who has been your source of strength and inspiration? My brother. For someone with amazing obstacles he makes no excuses and owns who he is.

Okay: Most of the Blogs I would award this award to have it, It is with great pride that I was considered in the lineup with my fellow awardees (is that a word?  Spell check says no.  Bite me spell check)     A wonderful blog in it’s own right, with new unique challenges she faces with inspirational strength   My darling Sig<3.  A great blog that is so emotionally charged with honesty it makes  you wanna hug her and never let go.  Oh, and pure coincidence her birthday today:D  She never fails to make me laugh.  How someone going through so much shit can have such a brilliant sense of humour and keep it is beyond me.  Jamie hosts a blog Social Every Saturday where anyone can link up to.  She has also done some pretty awesome large projects that I love.  She has some big and small projects that I am sure anyone can glean ideas from.  Not usually my style of blog, but I love the variety and think she truly has something that would interest anybody.

Thank you again, PB, coming from you it means so much.

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