So fucking tired

June 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Friday, after work, I had work.  I hate that.  Not a good way to start a weekend.  On Saturday we went to see Snow White and the Huntsman…. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!  Why was it horrible?  I would like to blame Kristen Stewart, and she was horrible, but the worst part was like one person wrote the beginning (which was okay), another the middle (which was mind numbingly dull) and then another the end, which included a screeched speech meant to inspire the troops.  I think they only went to shut the bitch up.But apparently none of these three people spoke to each other and wrote independently, without a solid plot.  Plot-lines were abandoned without resolution.  total character turn abouts with no motivation or reason behind it.  So basically it sucked balls.  And before someone says it…. it sucks homeless old man who has not had a shower in eight years balls.

So Sunday I had to work night.  I am not a fan of the midnight to 6 shift.  But the worst thing was a 9:30 PM on call.  Which means, me trying to adjust my sleep schedule, because I have my “real” job on at 8AM.  So trying to sleep through the day, but then have to call in at 7:30, no to the oncall, come in at midnight.  So to try to go back to sleep…. Fuck I am tired.  One would think this means I slept like a baby last night…. nope.  Last night I tossed, I turned.  I was a miserable prick most of the day.  So here I am, going on about 2 hours last night.  It’s gonna be a hell of a day.

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