I hate New Age language

May 15, 2012 § 10 Comments

I hate terms like issues and owning something.  To me you can not own your behavior if you do not accept the consequences of your actions.  I do not know how my generation got to the point where we think that admitting wrong behavior is the limit to the consequences there should be.  WTF?  No, feeling guilt is NOT the same thing as accepting responsibility.  Responsibility is accepting consequences.  If you feel your deeds should be consequence free just because you feel bad, you are not really “owning” it.  Because owning something requires accepting all of it.
“I have anger issues”, it sounds like a positive step towards the resolution of your issues.  But no, much like the ownership of guilt, kids (and by that I mean people mostly my age) use this as an excuse to do whatever they fucking want with no remorse.  Not the way it works people.  Having an issue is admitting a problem.  What is the point if you do not try to work on or resolve the problem?  *le sigh*  Some days I really hate my generation.

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