I know stupid people #2

March 13, 2012 § 28 Comments

And I’m not just bragging.  I have a friend named Jason.  Now Jason is a really nice, NICE guy.  Totally open, and has the best sense of humor, even when the jokes are directed at him.  And he is totally clueless when it comes to girls.  He maybe (okay he is) DAMN hot, he could not get a serious girlfriend until recently.  Him and his girlfriend have been together for 3 months.  I think the reason she is able to put up with him is she is a preschool teacher, so being around people all day, every day, who have no social boundaries, Jason sticks out less.
   Now their first fight….

She came home with an embarrassing problem really upset.  So with jokes and teasing he got her to talk and they laughed together… all was right with the world.  Then before he goes to bed Jason, thinking to spread his humor wrote on Facebook : Jason —— thinks it is really funny that his girlfriend has head lice.

She did not see it until her lunch break.  Now Jason has, well over 500 FB friends.  Friends at school, mutual friends of the couple, friends at his work, friends at her work, his extended family, the list goes on and on.  He cannot understand why she is mad.  REALLY.  He is not playing dumb.  To his mind, since they were talking about it, laughing about it, why could he not let anyone and everyone else in on the joke.

“Really, she got mad at that?” I said
“I know right,”  some people are just completely clueless.


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