Worst sleep ever

February 28, 2012 § 12 Comments

I don’t know why. I was hot then cold, then hot then cold… Leg spasms, and woke up twice to weird fucking dream. One was, of all the stupid things, getting out of the car. I had a dream that I got out of my car. But could not get passed the car on the other side’s mirror. So I cross to the passenger side, same thing. I go back to the driver’s side the car is even closer and I can’t open the door far enough to get back in and find another spot. I’m just rapped and frustrated waiting for someone to come and move. Yeah, it does not take a psychology major to figure out I am stressed about getting intoy program. And if I choose a wrong move I could be stuck. Just waiting with nowhere to go. Cs lucky he is working afternoons, by the time he got to bed I managed maybe another two hours and I was back up. I’m highly caffeinated right now. I hate waiting. I hate feeling like there is nothing I can do. Just wait and hope for the best. So this is not a total bitch session…I thought this was funny, true story from the weekend My mother was giving her email address over the phone. She gets to the letter “n” and the guy repeats it back as an “m”. My mother was like “no N as in…” and there was panic as her mind failed to find an n-word, then she blurted out “necrophilia”. As my mother explains it, she did not want the guy to think she is an idiot because she blanked on an “N” word. No now he just thinks she’s someone who has words like that just popping into her head. It’s official. I AM the normal one in my family. Scary thought.


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