Green-eyed monster

February 21, 2012 § 16 Comments

Chris got it bad.
Okay….first a question.  If you like someone, you give them your number, and they call you back almost a YEAR later for the first time, how enamored are you with this guy?… Yeah, so not the way to anyone’s heart, or hell even into their pants.

This guy calls me out of the blue.  We were watching a movie.  I did not even remember who he was.  Then he admits it’s been a while.  So I think back to last year.  March I think.  Yeah, dude, so not cool. So, so, so not cool.
But what surprised me was how bent out of shape C got.  All pissed off that I gave him my number eons ago.
I am so not a jealous person.  I’ve never gotten the whole jealousy thing.  Yes, C, the truth is I have *gasp* dated.  I have given guys my number, and I have exes.  Deal with it.
Officially it’s been over a year since I met C.  And we got off to a rocky start.  But I’m in now.  So I think at this stage he can put jealousy away.  Because instead of chuckling over a social retard together and a good night he gets to fight with me.  Well done, Einstein.

Working 62 hours this week.  Quite different from last year’s reading week which was marked with ridiculous amounts of alcohol, oh, yeah, and Chris.


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