Guess what, ladies, you are not alone

July 21, 2011 § 20 Comments

Talking about body image.  now I know women especially are given impossible ideals to live up to.  It seems even the most perfect girl thinks her thighs are too fat, or her nose not right.  In fact, many who have surgery to “correct” these perceived flaws keep going in for more and more procedures, trying to achieve perfection. Sometimes I think that that is becuase no matter how often you look in the mirror you see what you dislike, or what you dislike, even if that has changed.  How a think beautiful girl can always look in the mirror and see a chubby kid with bad skin.  That is me to a tee.  I am still the skinny, loser, geek, reject.
It’s not that I don’t try.  I work out.  I lift weights.  Nothing helps.  Every day I look in the mirror and nothing changes.  Ali keeps telling me I put on muscle, weight even, but she is totally biased, cause she’s my girl.  C says I look good, but he has a vested interest in me wanting to get naked with him… so there you go.
Then today Ali took a pic and I near shit.  I swear to fuck, I see myself in the mirror day to day, but not a big fan of having my picture taken.  But a pic from like 7 months I see every day, in here, so it was probably like seeing someone you haven’t seen in seven months suddenly, you see all the changes you don’t see in the every day.  I gotta say, I have put on a lot of muscle and some weight.  Shit picture, fucking hotter than hell here, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.  But it is also the only reason I am wearing this shirt out in public.


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