Yes, money

July 2, 2011 § 9 Comments

Eight hours yesterday at time and a half, then another four at double time. I love holidays:) Today I leave for toronto. My friends are picking me up at union station. I am hung over, HUGE! Yesterday while I was slaving away at work Ali and her bf took a road trip to Dunnville for booze. Awesome! I love that we can get booze even on holidays. Ali bought some rum for me. I love her, but this morning I hate her. Damn that thoughtful bitch.

C’s dropping me off at the bus station. He decided against going camping. Yeah, I’m feeling a bit guilty, but fuck it all, it’s Toronto Pride. The next long weekend I will go where ever he wants, but Pride is my thing, even if he doesn’t get it.
So…. around 12 hours from now I will be hammered in a bar in Toronto, but for equality, dammit;)

§ 9 Responses to Yes, money

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