The Eleventh Commandment

March 30, 2011 § 9 Comments

Dad: so did you learn anything new at school CJ: No, we watched a movie on ancient civilizations. Back in the ancient days this guy hit a rock and waters came down and he could turn a staff into a snake…. OMFG, my dad went ape shit. Stupid teacher putting on the Ten Commandments as a historical movie? Seriously? In the public school board. Now I don’t know if I ever expressed how Anti-Religion my dad is. He comes from a very Roman Catholic family and will not even step foot in a church for weddings, funerals and do not even bother to ask him to attend the church sacraments like first communion and christenings or you get an earful. At some point in time between being an alter boy and meeting my mother he had a major falling out with the church, god and religious concept as a whole. So much so that he and my mother have never got married, not even a civil ceremony because to him it is still too close to a religious sacrament. Anyway…. while I would hate to be a member of the school staff today, I would love to be a fly on the wall….


§ 9 Responses to The Eleventh Commandment

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